Yatsushiro Distillery

The Yatsushiro Distillery, Kumamoto, Japan has been producing traditional Japanese spirits, Shochu in a unique way since 1937. Shochu is Japan’s cherished traditional spirit, celebrated for its single distillation process that allows the natural characteristics to shine vibrantly. The distillery has experimented with distilling techniques to produce some of the most awarded and flavorful shochu in the world. Today the distillery uses six pot stills to create a range of spirits, from fine and pure to powerful and rich. Our distilley locates in the southern island of Japan, place known as the “Land of Water“ by Japan’s purest water source, and the “Land of Fire“ by the active volcanoes surrounding the region. The rich bounty of water is combined with the passionate fire of Japanese spirits distilling masters cultivated over the 80 years to create a multilayered harmony. Hope all of you to spend pleasured joy with our authentic Japanese spirits.

Kome Hojun – Japanese rice shochu (spirit)
Discover Kome Shochu, a masterpiece from Yatsushiro distillery, where rice transforms into an exciting distilled spirit. The intense, pure rice aroma delivers a delightful sweetness that culminates into an elegant and refreshing flavor. The brand has achieved the top award of Kura Master 2023 in Rice Shochu category.

Yatsu Boshi  – Precious Citrus Gin
Our unique distilling techniques have created the distillery’s first gin, Yatsu Boshi, making the most of the three precious citrus of our region, Kumamoto.

Ao (Blue) Yuzu – early harvested, highly fragrant yuzu picked only one week every year

Banpeiyu Oranges – the largest citrus fruit in the world with great complexity of flavour.

Shiranui (‘Sumo’) Mandarins – rich and juicy with an iconic shape.
Savor occasions with an elegant and delightful nose over a serene palate that all intermingle in harmony, using our traditional Japanese spirit techniques.


4-10-2, nakano central park south, nakano, nakano-ku
1640001 Tokyo, Japon
Tél. : 8190 21 59 88 23
[email protected]


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