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Chine – Xiangdu Winery 乡都酒庄

Xinjiang Xiangdu winery, with premium wines under the “Champs d’Or” label, is located in Yanqi, west Gobi in Xinjiang provence of China. Established in 2002, its parent company owns 2667 hectares of high-quality wine grape, and they have today a capacity of 10,000 tons of grape processing line, with 3,000 square meters underground wine cellar. Xiangdu has its foreign expertise team,including not only French winemaker but also Australian vineyard manager. After almost fiften years of efforts, Xiangdu winery became one of Yanqi’s leading organic wineries, it stands out as a winery aspiring to make Burgundian style wines but not Bordeaux style like many others.


Informations :

Room 1803, Binhe Road, Korla City, Xinjiang, China

+86 13565070000

Adresse email : [email protected]

Site web : www.xiangdu.com