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Chine – Amethyst Manor 紫晶庄园

Amethyst Manor is located in Hebei Huailai, one of China’s best wine-production regions. Only 18 km away from the world-famous Badaling Great Wall, the vineyard is richly endowed by nature, with north overlooking GuanTing Reservoir, and south facing the Great Wall of Yanshan from Ming Dynasty. The unique location with multiple mountains surrounding Guanting Lake, and the excellent local soil is perfect for grape growing. Amethyst Manor offers a combination of services, including grape cultivation, wine making and bottling, wine culture education, and private wine cellar.


Informations :

Ruiyunguan township, Huai Lai county, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, China

+86 313 6850699

Adresse email : [email protected]

Site web : www.amethyst.com