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Chine – Ho Lan Soul International Winery 贺兰神国际酒庄

Ho-lan Soul International Winery is located in the eastern foothills of Helan mountain, Ningxia, China. This is a winery of 1,500 ha of organic vineyards, with the most advanced installations for the production of three wines in the three colours. This is no doubt a leading winery with good potential. SInce 2013, the owner of Ho-lan Soul International Mr Chen and his team begin to work with the famous french winemaker, Stéphane Toutoundji.


Informations :

Holan soul 100,000 mu grapes industrial park, Ningxia, China

750100 Cuers

+86 951 8428111

Adresse email : [email protected]

Site web : www.holansoul.com